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Vallejo Weathering Effects

Vallejo Weathering Effects. 

Do you want to realistically simulate spilled fuel, engine soot, moss and rain stains, crushed grass, mud splatters and fuel stains? This is easy with the Vallejo Weathering Effects. Vallejo Weathering Effects are designed to reflect the effects of extreme weather exposure on vehicles and armor. These Weathering Effects can be applied directly to any surface. The Weathering Effects are available in 40 ml / 1.35fl. Oz pots. And the Thick Mud is available in 40 ml / 1.35fl. Oz pots and 200 ml / 6.76 fl oz. pots.

Vallejo Splash Mud:

Mud spots are inevitable when driving a vehicle through rough and muddy terrain. With the Splash Mud you can simulate this effect realistically.
You can easily apply the mud stains:

  1. Dipping a hard brush into the Splash Mud
  2. Place the brush and airbrush a short distance from the model where you want to create the mud spots.
  3. Blow air of an empty airbrush at the back through the hairs and realistic mud spots will appear. The mud stains can also be applied with a hard brush and stick. The range includes 6 different types of mud. They are made with natural pigments and water-based acrylic resins. When the surface is dry, a slightly shiny finish will be visible, suggesting the moist nature of the surfaces.

Vallejo Thick Mud:

The range consists of 6 different types of “thick, heavy mud”. These are thick pastes with a slightly shiny finish and are ideal for creating a muddy terrain or for adding texture to car wheels, trucks or tanks.

Vallejo Engine Effects:

There are many moving parts on a vehicle, such as the engine, wheels and axle, tracks and hinges. These parts must all be lubricated to function properly. The Engine Effects allows you to easily imitate the fuel stains, spilled oil, the traces left by oil drums and the dirt that accumulates in the engine compartment.

Vallejo Environment Effects:

The Environment Effects make it possible to imitate elements of nature and the effects of the weather quickly and easily.
Think about:

  • the grass under the wheels of a car or truck
  • the traces of a tank
  • the remnants of dirt that wash away on the windows of a vehicle
  • rain stains
  • moss on stones
  • rust and snow

Vallejo Wet Effects:

This formula can be applied to all surfaces and is designed to create damp wet spots.

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